Most builders will tell you the problem is the lead soakers between the wall and the tile or the felt is leaking. The most common solution they will advise is to remove the coping stones and reinstall them with lead underneath. This will work and will cost you a lot of money, and in most cases more money again as Builders are aware that once work has begun, they will uncover more extensive problems. They know that when coping stones are disturbed, more damage to the walls and render is inevitable. Thus leading to even more expense and stress to you, the customer.





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Our solution is to install our coping covers directly over the top of the coping stones, fixing right through into the wall. This will stop any unwanted water leaking through and prevent any further weathering that the joints and mortar have been subjected to. This doesn’t cause any damage and once fitted, gives the wall and coping stones added strength, a chance to dry out and stabilise. Clearly our coping covers smarten up the look of a property.

Once installed, they straighten up the appearance of the copings, as more often than not, they have become shabby in appearance and, due to years of weathering and movement, have become unstable. So not only do the covers keep your walls damp free, they also enhance the look of the property. Our standard covers are made of industrial grade sintex steel which will not rust and is strong and durable. They come in a variety of coloured coating to suit your choice but most clients prefer grey. We produce covers in a range of shapes and sizes using a variety of metal materials. Therefore your Coping Cover can be supplied in a colour of your choice.

They are supplied in long lengths and are fitted with minimal joints and are water tight. Depending on the size of your property, Coping Covers can be installed within one day, causing minimal disruption. This cost effective system guarantees to prevent any further expensive water damage to your walls and poperty. You will be amazed at just how affordable our product is. We offer group discounts for people who share the same walls.

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