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  • Damp Walls?

    Are you suffering from Damp Walls and the myth which is rising damp?

    • featureDamp Walls
    • featureBroken Render
    • featureDamaged chimney stacks
    • featureBroken Masonry
  • Our Solution

    Installing our Coping Cover directly over the coping stone. Will stop any futhur weathering and water damage to the walls in your property.

    • featureLong lengths Any Colour
    • featureEffective cost
    • featureGroup Discounts for shared walls
    • featureFREE no obligation quote
  • Services

    As well as our Coping Cover service. We can repair any damage sustained to your internal walls.

    • featureRoofing All Services
    • featureRe-plastering of your walls
    • featureCoping Covers and Decorating
  • Affordable Price

    Our CopingCovers are very affordable and pays for itself and saves you furthur costs.

    • featureReliable Service
    • featureEfficient Solution
    • featureNo Fuss No Hassel
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Why should I use CopingCovers?

30 Years Experience

We are your total quality restoration solutions service. We are based in Bristol, UK, but deliver work nationwide. Our diverse and experienced trading background means we are able to resolve problems differently from other businesses whilst continuing to offer an excellent standard of craftsmanship with high attention to detail. Our customer is our priority. Following completion of any building project, we don't anticipate returning to it other than to start new work. Throughout our 30 years of experience within Construction and Manufacturing, we are proud that we have never been contacted by a customer due to poor workmanship. We strive to keep it this way.

  • featureNo obligation quote
  • featureFriendly Service
  • featureGroup Discounts
  • feature30 years experience
The Problem

Coping stones that are loose broken or missing, Broken render, Loose or missing lead, Damaged chimney stacks, Blocked guttering.

More on the problem

Loft conversions and dormers, Storm Damage, Velux windows, vented ridge and tiles installed, Lead work and lead welding, Flat roofing in GRB or fibreglass and more.

Our Solution

Our solution is to install our coping covers directly over the top of the coping stones, fixing right through into the wall.

More on the solution.
Contact Us

If you have any enquiries or require a no obligation free quote then please get in contact.

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Can Damp and Mould affect my health?

It is a clinically proven fact that damp can seriously affect the health of you and your family. There are many different conditions that can be associated with damp including allergies, asthma and other respiratory illnesses. For further advice, please take a look at the NHS website: Can damp and mould affect my health? via the link below

NHS website link

What our clients are saying?

The aim of the website is to give you an insight into the real reasons why your walls are damp and to inform you of the services we can offer and our amazing and affordable Coping Covers solution.

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    Great to know my house is now protected, Will recommend

    Jane Peterson
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    The quality and reliability of your services is outstanding. CopingCovers has saved my walls

    Clare Meek
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    Fantastic Easy FIx

    Paul Sanders
  • Person image

    I'ts a no brainer. A must have solution

    Megan Collins

These are just some of the comments from our clients. To see more more testimonials go to our About Page